Going through college without girls sucks, but everything’s about to change because…

Hey man,

A few months into my sophomore year, I could barely get girls to look at me…

And if you’re in college… and aren’t getting the girls you want, I KNOW how much it sucks.

It sucks when you can’t get the girls you really want.

It sucks when everyone (except for you) is hooking up.

It sucks to think about a girl nonstop and not know what to do.

But I also know this… when I learned a few “college game hacks”, I quickly started getting the girls I wanted. And I’m about to tell you how you can start getting the girls you want, too.

In just a few minutes you’re going to know what it takes to…

  • See any girl you want, and know exactly how to make her want you
  • Make the girl who you want the most into your girlfriend
  • Hook up with so many girls that your guy friends will be begging you for your secret
  • Look at the college scene and know that you own it

No matter how unbelievable that sounds, and whether you want to hook up with every single hot girl on your campus, or just get that one cute girl in class…

… well, then you absolutely have to learn the outrageous secrets that the top 5% of guys on your campus already know

… the same secrets that me, and a rogue team of former pickup-artists discovered…

…and how you can finally use these secrets to live get the girls you want.

My name is Fran Anderson, and if you’re like thousands of guys who have wondered…how can I get get a girl at college to want me back?” then I want you to know 2 things:

  1. I’ve been there… and man, do I feel you!
  2. Starting today, you’re going to have the power to get ANY girl you want on campus.

That’s because I’m about to fill you in on the “Campus Code”, the secret that 5% of guys on your campus know, that you don’t.



Does it surprise you to know that 5% of the guys on your campus hook up with about 80% of the girls?

Think about it.

You know a guy who “gets it”. He’s got that “it” factor. And you can tell the second you meet him.

And so can girls…

I call these guys “5% Men”.

They’re the 5% of guys that every girl wants.

So when you “hijack” the tricks that the 5% Men use… some CRAZY things start happening… for example:

  • Every night, attractive girls want to hang out with you… and “girl 1” better “book” you before you make plans with girls 2-5
  • Every weekend, girls fight for your attention and affection… and may the best girl win ;)
  • Every month, more than one girl tries to be your girlfriend… and you can choose if she’s right for you

That’s the life of a 5% Man.

But let’s face it… that’s NOT what life is like for you right now.

And it’s not your fault. I guarantee I was worse off than you are right now. And as I learned, the problem is dead simple:

You just don’t know what college girls really want in a guy.


There are certain things that a college girl’s brain is WIRED to “scan” for.  They’re different than what she wanted in high school, and different from what she’ll want after college.

And the top “5% Men” on your campus know exactly how to give a college girl what she’s looking for.

But if you’re like I was, then you probably have no idea what that actually is.

Maybe you think that college girls want crazy frat guys…. WRONG!

Maybe you think that college girls want jacked-out jocks…. WRONG!

Maybe you think that college girls want “Mr. Perfect” All-American preps…. WRONG!

Maybe you think that college girls will fall for pickup artist tricks…. WRONG!

Here’s the TRUTH: there are fraternity presidents, star athletes, polo-wearing preps… and a HELL of a lot of other guys… who struggle mightily with girls.

Because deep down, none of those things are ACTUALLY what a college girl wants.

And it wasn’t until well into my sophomore year that I learned these secrets, but man…


Look, I SUCKED with girls when I got to college.

In high school I had few friends, a girlfriend for a month, and even went to a party from time to time.

But when I got to college (at a very big Midwestern State School), everything fell apart.

All of freshman year… SUCKED.

Spent lots of time alone. Cried more than I’d care to admit.

Then… my sophomore year… I discovered the pickup artist community.

If you don’t know, this is a group of guys who use tricks and lines to try to win girls over.

When I found out about them, I thought: Problem Solved!

I bought just about every “pick up artist” product I could find, and maxed out my CapitalOne Student Visa.

I shared everything with my one and only friend, David. We studied it all, and were convinced that practicing this stuff was the key to getting the girls.

But All The Pickup Tricks Blew Up In My Face In The Most Embarrassing Way…

After a few weeks of learning our Pickup Artist routines, we felt confident enough to head out into “the field”.  It was time to “practice” approaching some “sets”.

And let’s just say, things didn’t go as planned

David knew of a party… and even though I didn’t know anyone there at first, I spotted two girls from one of my classes, gathered my courage, and dropped the “who lies more” pickup artist opener. I had read about in a manual.


The girls didn’t even want to talk to me. They looked at me like I was causing them pain or something. Like my pickup tricks just ruined their night.

I saw them the next day in class, sitting up front with three other girls… and when I walked in, they all started whispering and looking at me like I was a dead fish.

I dropped the class later that afternoon.

And I was ready to give up.

I felt so defeated.

But David wanted to give it another go.

After our spectacular embarrassment at the house party, he suggested we hop on a bus to Ann Arbor, Michigan to try our techniques on some girls from another city at the University of Michigan.

And I grudgingly agreed, but even I didn’t know what was in store that weekend because…


Little did I know, my fateful bus trip was about to connect me with two of the top dating coaches in the world.

Upon arriving in Ann Arbor, my buddy and I went to a bar called “Rick’s”, with our fake IDs, and there were hot college girls everywhere.

I worked up my confidence and approached a tall, gorgeous brunette by the bar.  I used another opening line I read on the Internet.

And you know what… it wasn’t so bad at first.

She told me her name was Leslie. She was answering my questions, and actually putting up with me!.

Until… a scruffy looking guy in a rugby jersey and ripped jeans came up to her, and gave her a hug.

Nick, AHHHHH what’s UPPPPP“… she was all over him. I had to do something to get him away from my girl.

So, I busted out the “big guns”… and started spewing out every pick-up trick I knew to win her attention back.

I even INSULTED her by telling her that that her hands were more attractive than her face… all because it was what my pickup manual told me to do.

It didn’t work.

She looked at me with complete shock, like I had just slapped her across the face, and walked away us… winking at this “Nick” guy as she left.

In that moment, I was pretty sure he was about to punch me in the face.

“I should have never even come out to this stupid bar” I told myself as I braced for his punch…

But the punch didn’t come.

Instead he smiled, put his arm around my shoulder, and said, “There’s someone I think you should meet…”


The guy I’m about to introduce you to slept with 71 girls, in four years, at college,” my new friend “Nick” told me as we walked.

Then he sat me at a table in front of an average looking dude and said…

Mark, guess what this guy just said to Leslie?”

After he told him, his friend “Mark” laughed and said…

Dude… we’re on a campus, your pick up lines are only going to creep girls out.”

He introduced himself as Mark Redman, and told me his friend’s name was Nick Sparks – and he was a professional dating coach.

And it turned out that Mark was an underground legend at dozens of colleges across the nation for his escapades with women in college.

Luckily, they were on “boys night out”, so they were more than willing to chat with me.

Mark was a little bit drunk, and pretty amused by my screw up with Leslie, so I brought David over to the table, and we got the truth dropped on us.

Guys,” Mark Said, “there is a code to getting the girls in college… and I followed it religiously till I graduated last year… I discovered it by working one-on-one with one of the world’s top dating gurus.”

He told me that he used to be AWFUL with girls his freshman year, and enlisted this guru for help turning things around.

He told me how they talked almost every week he was in college…

They came up with theories about “college game”… and tested them, only keeping the stuff that worked 100% of the time.

And more importantly…

and now this “Mark” guy I was meeting knew the secret to getting any girl in college.

I sat there in awe as he gave me and David a healthy dose of the truth, and I made sure to buy him a few more drinks so he’d keep talking.

And at least 5 girls came up and gave him hugs or kisses on the cheek while we were sitting down.

And he didn’t even go to school in Ann Arbor.

“That’s how fast the code works,” Mark bragged, “I only got here last weekend!”

His “code” sounded too good to be true. It all made perfect sense when he told it to me, but it was so different than my pickup artist books, so naturally I was still skeptical…

You don’t believe me?”  he asked.  ”Ok, I’ll prove it.”  And the next words out of his mouth were…


When my new mentor gave me his make-out technique tip, he dared me to do it that very night.

It involved eye contact, a smile, and a simple line I was supposed to say before going in for the kiss.

“No way,” I thought. The “technique” he told me was way too simple to work… I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself for this overconfident guy I just met.

But then I saw this stunning blonde girl walk by.  Everyone at my table caught me staring at her, and I knew I had to do it. I took a leap of faith…

Hey what’s up! Why haven’t we met yet?” I asked her.

(Mark told me the best way to open a girl was to act like you are already part of the “in” crowd. “Act like you should know her,” he said.)

After a short conversation, I learned that the blonde girl was a Junior at the University of Michigan, majoring in communications… and…

Within Five Minutes She Was Kissing Me Like It Was Our Honeymoon!!

And that’s when I knew… this Mark guy lived up to the hype. He was legit.

I made sure to grab his number that night, and he soon invited me to his private mastermind group of seven college guys who had secret meetings on Skype about once a week.

From that day forward, I became his top student, doing everything he asked, and testing his new theories and revisions to his code on my very own campus…

And my results?


I was meeting girls everywhere. It became a breeze.

Parties, which I used to dread, transformed into a feeding frenzy for hot girls.

The Library, which used to just be a place I studied, transformed into the easiest place on campus to meet beautiful women.

The Bar Scene, which used to intimidate the hell out of me, transformed into my own personal kingdom… so girls approached me.

Coffee Shops, that I never thought of as a place to meet girls, transformed into a zero pressure hot-spot for picking up hotties.

Look, I don’t want to push some “zero-to-hero” story on you, and I sure as hell don’t want to exaggerate.

So I’m not bragging when I say…

Many times when I went out, girls literally fought over me. I can think of at least 11 different parties where I could have easily hooked up with any of the five most attractive girls there.

I literally had my pick of the litter.

And there is no feeling better than being able to choose the girl you want on your campus… and make her yours.

You will have the power to choose who your girlfriend is…

You will have the power to choose any girl to hook up with, any night….

You will have the power to choose that girl that you have been thinking about

… from class… from your dorm… from wherever…

… and the smug feeling of knowing she is yours

And I have no aspirations of being looked up to because of girls I’ve hooked up with or dated.

But you should know…

I dated a girl so famous, that that’s really all I can say about her…

And ya know what?

When I talked to Mark… I found out that I wasn’t the only one seeing a HUGE increase in the hot girls who wanted me.

EVERY single guy in his mastermind group had swarms of hot girls buzzing around them.

Girls they had crushes on before… Their Girlfriends Now

Girls who were “out of their league” before… Hooked Up With Them Every Weekend

Girls who appeared in Maxim, Playboy, and other magazines… Chasing Our Guys Around Campus

So it turned out I wasn’t so special after all.

And it didn’t surprised me to learn that soon…

Mark was reluctant to write it at first…

He had a “real” job, and didn’t want his reputation tarnished because he wrote some book about how to get girls.

But this book was more important than that…

It was a “Code” to getting college girls super attracted to you – the same girls you’ve lost sleep over - so that they just can’t control themselves when you’re around.

So after some convincing… Mark went to a cabin in the wilderness for a week, with a laptop and some beer.

And when he came back…

He had finished what he called the “Conquer Your Campus Handbook”, a book that started a revolution.

It was his “Code”, all distilled down into one book.  The same secrets that the top 5% of guys on campus just “get”, but could never explain to you or me.

He released his book several years ago, and thousands guys around the world are using it today, and raking in the girls on their campus.

So, if you’ve seen a guy absolutely killin’ it and effortlessly getting tons of girls on your campus… there’s a very good chance he knows “The Code” and has read Mark’s book.

But that was a couple years ago, and I’ve learned a few things since then, so…

So many people loved the original version of the Conquer Your Campus Handbook, and Mark can’t respond to them all now that he has a “real” job…

So he told me to run his operation… and teach his code, which I perfected in college.

And I don’t want to toot my own horn, but… I discovered so many new tools, tricks, and techniques, so you can get EVEN MORE girls in college, with far less work than ever before.

I left the entire original book that Mark wrote intact, because it’s all so good, and I didn’t want to take out a thing.

But I added section after section to make sure it included every new secret I’d learned.

And after 3 full years of mastering the secrets of the code, we are finally ready to re-release it…

The Campus Code is the step-by-step manual that is going to get you any girl you want on campus.

When I sat down to update the bestselling CYC Handbook, and jam in 3 NEW years of notes on “getting girls in college”, I had one goal:

I Wanted To Do ALL The Work For You

Mark put 4 years into learning this stuff. And I learned his code in just a few weeks.

But the new book had to be FOOLPROOF, because if you want a girl on campus, you’ve got one… maybe two chances to get it right… and I’m NOT going to let you fail..

That’s why when you read the Campus Code, you’re going to start seeing results in your life the very first time you use it on a girl.

I filled the entire book with easy-to-use and practical stuff that you can put into action immediately.

This book is jam-packed with over 150 pages of only our very best stuff on getting whatever girl you desire right now.

And the reason I am 100% positive it will work for you is that between Mark and myself, we’ve spent over 580 hours “in the field” testing this stuff.

It all works. Every time.

And we cover every imaginable aspect of getting the girls you want in college.

We go over the best places to meet them, how to make sure they like you, how to hook up with them, how to date them, how to make them your girlfriend… even how to build your Facebook profile to attract them.

And there’s SO much more.  Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’re Going To Learn In The Campus Code…


Right now, you aren’t doing the stuff that she needs to see before she becomes attracted to you. This stuff is the exact opposite of what most guys “think” they should do, and the 5% Men we know do it naturally.

In this section I’m going to show you…

  • 3 very specific conversation “no-no’s” that 95% of guys do almost every time they talk to a girl… do any of these and it will kill her attraction for you like possum on a highway. I’ll show you how to get it right.
  • The secret “hack” to getting her to open up… and get you past the “5 minute mark” in every conversation. And when you get there we’ll pull back the curtains on how to turn the heat up.
  • Mark Redman’s recent discovery that shows you how to “tailor your game” depending on what year she is… so you know exactly what to say to get girls of ANY age mind-numbingly attracted to you.
  • The tiny little thing that every 5% man does that “sparks” the attractions in her brain to start firing when you’re around. When you do this, the attraction lasts forever so none of your hard-earned gains are lost the next time you see her.
  • The insider’s secret to being “dominant” in every conversation; “natural 5% men” couldn’t explain this to you if you hog-tied them and force-fed them truth serum, but we’ve decoded it for you (do this and you’ll never feel fear when it’s time to “make a move”)

By the end of Part 1, you’ll know exactly how to talk to any girl on your campus and get her attracted to you within 5 minutes… you’ll learn how to harness all of the secrets of “5% Men” to get her dripping wet and craving your attention like a fat child craves candy… you’ll know how to control every aspect of every conversation so you’re in the lead and can take things wherever you desire, because YOU’RE in the drivers seat.

A lot of guys can hold a conversation for a while, but when it comes time to make a move they have no idea what to do. The solution is a very small shift that quickly makes you the prize, and makes the hookup a foregone conclusion.

In this section I’m going to show you…

  • The secret to escalating things with any college girl stealthy. This move is so “James Bond” that she’ll be bragging to her friends that you’re the smoothest guy on campus when you’re done with her
  • The 5% Man’s Secret to teaching girls who play “hard to get” a lesson they’ll never forget… and “flip” the interaction so that she’s doing everything in her power to make it up to you.
  • The under-the-radar move that instantly transforms the conversation from “friendly” to “sexually charged” so she subconsciously associates your mere presence with her wildest fantasies
  • Get this stuff right, and she’ll make her interest level OBVIOUS to you… and then what?  We’ll reveal how to get her begging to to take things to the next level.
  • I haven’t been rejected for a kiss or a date in 3 years, and when you know this secret part of the code, making out with girls is going to be as easy as shaking hands
  • How to get her mind off other guys who are flirting with her, and fixated solely on YOU – this one is SNEAKY but all’s fair in love and war
  • Plus, TONS more…

By the end of Part 2, you’ll know why some guys never get out of “conversation land” and what 5% Men do instead… you’ll know the secret to hooking up with girls who used to only think of you as friends… and you’ll never feel lost about how to get sexual with a girl you like, because we’ll reveal our secret escalation system tailored JUST for college girls.

Sometimes you just want a cool, attractive girl to hang out with and call your girlfriend. The things that college girls look for in potential boyfriends are very specific, so in this section I make sure you’re prepared for the girl you like.

I’m going to show you…

  • The things that 5% of the guys are doing to always have a girlfriend when they want one
  • How to ask her on a date, and make it the best night of her life in a way so special that she’s guaranteed to be giving you “puppy dog” eyes by the end of the night
  • Among girls, it’s known as the “boyfriend test”… don’t screw this one up by saying the wrong thing
  • If you think you need to have a “talk” with her, you’re doing it wrong and you’re going to scare her away. Do it as I describe instead, and you’ll “slip into” a relationship with her easily
  • 4 simple steps to being known as an “ideal boyfriend” by every relationship-hungry who lives within 2 miles of you on campus
  • The 5% Man’s Secret to making her work to be your girlfriend, so you’re never at loss of sexy “candidates” to fill your girlfriend void
  • And SO much more…

By the end of Part 3, you’ll know how to turn things around with the girl you like, no matter how much of a “lost cause” it seems… you’ll know the trick 5% Men use to transition from knowing a girl to being the “man of her dreams”… and you’ll never be at loss for a girl who cares about you and who you can call yours.

It’s no secret that your social life is a huge part of your success in college. That’s why we have a section dedicated to engineering your ideal social life. Hot girls, cool guys – nothing is off limits.

In this section I’m going to show you…

  • The Simple “Lifestyle System” I mastered in two weeks, for being surrounded by 5-6 drop dead gorgeous women every time you go out
  • There are SOME girls who you DON’T want to hook up with if you want to date their friends.  I’ll tell you which ones are a-ok, and which ones are off limits so you don’t misuse your newfound powers and get into trouble
  • 5% Men almost exclusively hang out with other 5% Men – I’ll reveal the “ninja” trick for squeezing your way into their social circle and steal the “9″ and “10″ girls they hang with
  • The crucial difference between the 4 different types of girls in every social clique – misreading which girl is which will get you “banned” from their circle
  • A step-by-step system to getting “in” with the local celebrities on your campus – athletes, top frat guys, beauty queens, and  anyone else whose radar you don’t show up on right now
  • And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll learn…

By the end of Part 4, you’ll know how to befriend any top guy on your campus and be part of his crew the very next weekend … you’ll have female “sidekicks” hooking you up with their gorgeous friends… you’ll know how to recruit girls into your circle so you have a never-ending stream of new girls pursuing you… and you’ll learn how to become the most-sought after 5% Man on your campus.

You only have four (maybe five) years in college – it’s up to you to make the most of them. Whether want to get invited to the best parties, get into the most exclusive clubs or fraternities, or just build a lifestyle that best suits you… we got you covered.

In this section I’ll teach you…

  • The only technique you need to get into any frat, club, or organization on your campus… so that you’ll know all the “movers and shakers” on your campus
  • The secret to having FUN (and yes, I used to be a sour puss who hated going out) and BEING the most fun guy at every party, so you’re a social-magnet who everyone wants to know
  • How to get invited to the most exclusive events in the Greek Scene – even if you never rushed, aren’t in a frat, and don’t currently know a single frat guy
  • Your step-by-step system for “out-alpha” other 5% Men, so every girl recognize YOU as the dominant one in the interactions and every guy respects your authority
  • A little known move that instantly makes you a well-wired social hub to EVERY party and event happening on your campus
  • And ALOT more…

By the end of Part 5, you’ll know how to penetrate secret societies and other closely hidden groups in your school… you’ll rise to the top of your frat, club, or student org… you’ll know how to become the center of attention at any event on command… and you’ll be ready to take over your campus should you choose.

Needless to say, we’ve packed The College Code with so much immediately useable information that you are going to get what you want from girls, without failure.

But I INSISTED we go one step further.

So when you order today, we’re going to throw in 4 of our most sought after bonuses…

The Hookup Handbook is our proven, deadly effective system for fast hookups. If you’ve ever felt lost when it was time to “make a move” on a girl – then you NEED this NOW.

In this bonus you’ll learn…

  • 7 word-for-word lines that we use to turn conversations into hookups, without any risk of getting turned down
  • A tiny little “cue” to look for that will tell you if a girl will sleep with you on the first night you meet
  • The secret to “physical escalation” in college that a typical dating coach would never even think to teach you
  • How to get her from the party, date, or bar… back to your place
  • Why Most 5% Men hook up with a different girl every weekend, and how you can too
  • And MANY more Hook Up techniques to use on campus…

You get one month FREE of our “Big Men On Campus” Inner Circle Access.

The Inner Circle is our 6-Month Interview Series for guys who want to keep their game “sharp”. You get new content every week so that you always have some “fresh game” to spit every weekend.

Every month, we interview a brand new “player” at campuses across the country. We’ve rounded up some of the most notorious, seductive, experts in college game to spill their guts!

And you get the first 4 weeks of awesome content as an added bonus to the Campus Code.

In just the first month you’ll learn:

  • The ONE thing say you must say in every conversation with a girl if you don’t want to turn into “that creeper guy” with all her friends
  • How to give off the vibe of a “Campus King” in every situation, so she’s knows that you’re on another level than most guys… and doesn’t question for a second her decision to be with you
  • A little known “game” to play at the bar that will position you as the most fun guy in the building, and get her fighting for your attention throughout the night
  • The crucial difference between “flirting” and “gaming”, and the right time to do each one
  • How to make any girl you meet “fall in love” with you in just one night (no, it has nothing to do with your skills in bed)
  • And MUCH more…
If you decide to keep it, it’s only $67 a month, for the next five months.  You have absolutely no commitment, and can cancel any time with zero hassle.  And hey – me and my team are legendary for our customer support, so rest assured that if you don’t think it’s worth every red cent, we’ll get you taken care of quickly and with a smile.

When you’re the Male “10”, getting amazing girls is an afterthought. That’s why my mentor and I created this hour-long video course on transforming yourself in to a “10”.

In this bonus we’ll teach you…

  • The way that the most sought after-guys in the world “think” about women – it’s WAY different than how you do now
  • The step-by-step blueprint to unlocking the “10” within you (it’s there… in every guy)
  • The simple technique to instantly being the most sought after guy at any party (warning – this can make your friends get very jealous if you do it too much, so it’s ONLY for when there’s a girl who you absolutely MUST have.)
  • 3 subtle changes to start doing now, that show girls you’re a step above of every other guy
  • And more…

Have you ever felt left out from the “cool” events and parties? We created the “High Demand Man” Audio Course for the guys who have been left off the guest list.

In this bonus I’ll show you…

  • How to ALWAYS be the first person people call when they throw an awesome party
  • Why some guys are allowed to cut lines, get free drinks, and access the “off limits” girls
  • The 3 “Guaranteed Response” text-messages to send out to hot girls and cool guys to find out what they’re doing
  • The easy trick to being the “networker” of your social circle, so people naturally come to you with their plans
  • And MANY other ways to be the most sought after guy at your school…



The best news?  EVERYTHING here is delivered to you INSTANTLY in the “Inner Circle” section of our website.

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This is a fact: you get about 112 weekends in college.

How many of yours have you used up, hoping that something would change on its own?

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You’re missing out on the hot girlfriend… because you don’t know how to start a conversation with her.

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… The Campus Code gives you the proven, ridiculously easy, “how-to” map that unlocks access to the heart of any girl at your school.

Starting today… you will never wonder how to make a girl like you.

You’ll never be jealous of another friend who is “hooking up” more than you.

You’ll never come across as creepy or weird when you talk to a girl.

And you will be in the “elite” 5% who get the hottest girls.

Because when you apply the Campus Code, you can literally pick and choose which girl you want to hook up with, date, or make your girlfriend!

And ya know what happens when the Campus Code is in place?

And you can take it anywhere you want with her.

Want A Girlfriend? She’s Cool With That.

Want A Hook Up? She’s Cool With That.

Want MULTIPLE Girlfriends? She’s probably even cool with that.

Guys who become 5% Men get whatever they want. And they laugh at the other 95% of guys who are still clueless.

And yes, change is possible… FAST.


Bottom Line: The Campus Code Will Get You The Top Girls On Campus.

Just read the book. Then go out and apply the principles that we teach you.

It’s really that simple.

If you’ve read this far, and you read my story, you KNOW I can deliver the goods to you… and if you were to call me up and hire me for personal coaching, I charge over $200 an hour.

And Mark doesn’t even coach anymore! So I don’t even want to begin to think about how much money it would take to get his time.

But if either of us sat down with you… the very first thing we’d do is make sure you knew every last bit of the Campus Code.

And lucky for you… you have the entire Campus Code at your fingertips.

This book is THE VERY BLUEPRINT that Mark, myself, and thousands of others have used to get girls in college… all jam-packed into one handbook.

Plus, we’re throwing in $191 worth of bonus material to top it off.

But we decided to do something special for the Campus Code release, and make it available to you for cheaper than ever before…

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Look, our names and faces are on this thing.  And my goal is to help Mark grow Conquer Your Campus. So I insisted that we offer a full, 365-day, no questions asked, guarantee.

If the Campus Code doesn’t deliver on everything I’ve promised, then just pop me an e-mail and we’ll get you your money back right away.

In fact, I’m so confident that things will be different in ONE WEEK from now that I want you to write to my personal email address (fran@conqueryourcampus.com) if they’re not, and I’ll make sure that your email gets prioritized.  That’s just how confident I am that this is going to change your life.



Here’s the story…

The secrets I’ve added to the Campus Code are so powerful that I don’t want just anyone running around and using them.

If every campus had hundreds of guys running around using our newest stuff, it just wouldn’t have the same effect. You’d have more competition… and the competition would be stronger.

So, after talking to Mark we decided to strictly limit this updated release of The Campus Code to 47 guys per campus.

Thousands of guys have the “old” version of the book – but thousands more missed out on the first release, and have e-mailed us and asked when this product would be available again, and when the demand is this high we have to be careful...

… because our Inner Circle of Campus Code alumni is a tight-knit group.

So when you click the “Add To Cart” button, we’ll ask you to enter your zip code and you’ll be able to see how many copies are left in your area.

Needless to say, you’re going to want to grab your copy today so you don’t miss out.


Look, I’ve walked the path.

I went from being lonely and frustrated, to having more girls in my life than I could ever handle.

I struggled for years in misery and loneliness. But once I learned the Campus Code, EVERYTHING changed.

And now, you get to bypass my learning curve and go to the head of the class in just moments from now.

If you don’t take advantage of this, you will regret it. For a long, long time to come.

But if you join Mark, myself, and the legions of others who’ve learned the Campus Code and are getting the girls they want, then college will truly be the best time of your life.

Your choice.

And if you’re ready to join us in the Top 5%, then there’s only one last thing for you to say…